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The Nude Couple

We told you last week that we’ll be back with new kinky Rafian stuff and here we are delivering on that. Get yourselves ready for another naughty scene at the beach of course and another horny couple showing off their goods and their skills as they get down and dirty for you today. This pair was caught banging as the sun was setting as most people get to go back home at around this time, but they were still going to be around since now they could have the privacy to get naughty and nasty with each other and you’d be able to see it all. So let the Rafian camera roll and let’s see how these two ended up fucking nicely on the beach shall we?


Well, how isn’t really the issue it’s more like what they did. And we say that because it looks like these two actually even brought pillows with them from back home to make it more comfy on the ground. Of course, there’s the usual immediate undressing as the two are all over each other and you can see the babe and the guy sixty nine-ing as well to make each other wet and hard respectively. So yeah, just sit back and watch them bang in a public place today and see the babe loving the hard style dicking that she got from the guy this afternoon throughout the whole show. We will see you again soon with another new gallery everyone! Bye for now!

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