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Rocky Cliffside

Well here we are with today’s all new Rafian scene. There are some pretty amazing images in this one to see and rest assured that we saved some of the best of them for you all to check out too this fine afternoon. The couple here got naughty as well and as you can see they were caught unawares in the act of doing the nasty. Especially the babe as she seemed to have a desperate need for her man’s cock this afternoon. So yeah, take the time once more to sit back and watch the action unfold and you can see some more incredible Rafian action in this one. Especially the point where the babe gets to suck some mighty cock for the show!


They were at a normal beach it seems, so not a nudist one. Which meant that they had to be careful or risk getting fined by the coast guard. That’s no problem though as the rocky terrain around here offers plenty of spots where you can hide and have a quickie, which is what these two got to stumble upon. Watch the pretty blonde woman drop to her knees and watch closely as she gets around to wrap her lips around that nice and hard cock. The man predictably moans in pleasure while she’s sucking his hard cock of course as she seems to be quite the master at this. Enjoy their naughty session of sex today and come back again soon for more new content!

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