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Rafian – Quick Beach Tour

Hey there once more everyone. There’s new Rafian scenes as promised last week and they are as juicy as always. We seem to have a couple that got a tad too horny at the beach today and of course, they get to end up fucking right then and there. And naturally you get to see it all go down too. The couple was taking a stroll in this more private part where people don’t usually take the time to sunbathe and it looks like they had the place all to themselves too. So yeah, sit back, relax and let the show commence as you are about to see these two have some passionate sex at the beach today, and we can guarantee that you will adore this one too!

The walk they had comes to quite the abrupt halt as they check around first to see if they are all alone. Then they set up their little sheet on the ground to avoid getting sand everywhere and they get undressed fairly quick. You can see why the guy was eager to get down with his lady today, as the blonde babe looks drop dead gorgeous and lucky for him she seems always down to have a fuck, and the kinkier the better. And yeah, once they start they don’t stop. Check the nice gallery full of images of them fucking on the beach today and enjoy it all. We’ll be seeing you again real soon with yet another gallery and more naughty people in action!


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