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Rafian Asian Couple

This week’s Rafian scene is here and you know what that means. You get to have full access to some more incredibly hot and juicy sex scenes with amateurs at the beach and this one is a tad more exotic. Mainly because it has an Asian couple for a change and they know how to make things interesting for sure. So sit back and watch them enjoying their day at the beach. Like really enjoy it. Especially the lovely lady as she seems like the brains behind this little operation as one of her fantasies was to fuck in a place like this. So let the Rafian show go on the road and let’s watch this Asian cutie getting quite the good dicking today shall we?

She was only sporting a dress when she arrived and the trick is that she had nothing underneath. The guy easily slipped out of his swimsuit as it were and was all ready to play too. You can watch her making sure that he is nice and hard and by the time she spreads her legs for him he’s all set to give her what she desperately wants. Lucky for them no one was really around their spot as they would have probably figured what the two were doing, since the horny woman was moaning so loudly too. Well either way, check it out and see you ladies and gents next week with yet another new update. All you need to do is make sure to come by and check it out!


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