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Deserted Beach

Welcome to this week’s superb and fresh little Rafian scene and more of hot and horny couples having a go at it at the beach side. This time we have a babe that was eager to have some cock and her boyfriend that was more than happy to let her have all the man meat that she desired for the afternoon. So yeah, that means that you can see the two of course, taking their time to hide behind some rocks to have some privacy and once there, you can see the magic happen. Let’s get this Rafian scene on the road already and see this beauty of a babe taking her time to show off some of her oral skills as she sucks some cock today shall we?

So yeah the rocks they got to hide behind offered plenty of cover from the sides, but not from above. The thing is that there was a very clear view of what the two were doing and they didn’t seem to mind it all that much themselves. So yeah, just sit back and relax and you can watch the cutie whip out that cock out of the dude’s pants and then you can see her sucking and slurping on it with a passion. They got to do some more stuff, but we’ll let you ladies and gents explore that for yourselves today. We’ll return soon once more and there will be more all new and all fresh scenes with amateurs fucking at the beach for you to check out!


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