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On The Beach

Rafian is back in black as it were this week and there’s an all new impressive and hot show for you all to see. Of course, the setting is the beach as always and the two put the spot to good use. It’s not like anyone was going to catch them in the act today anyway as they little rocky cove they found to sunbathe by was just perfect to give them some privacy. Not from this camera but from most of the other beach goers. And of course, because of that, you get to watch a simply sizzling and hot Rafian scene with a couple getting down and dirty. Now let’s take the time to sit back and relax and watch the cute babe moan as she gets fucked hard today!

It seems that the sun made them hot in more ways than one and of course the solution for their little problem is to fuck nice and hard for the whole duration of you seeing them at it. You can even get to see the babe work hard on the guy’s cock as she needs him to be rock hard and ready for her pussy and then you can see her spread those legs for him nice and wide. Watch her moan as she gets her nice and deep dicking today and enjoy the view. We will return as per usual with many more new and fresh scenes and on top of it all, next week’s one will be quite sizzling. Anyway, check it out and check out the past updates as well for even more!


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Rafian – Young Couple

Another fresh week and time to see another Rafian action scene! Just like the title says it, there’s a young couple getting frisky in this one and you get to see their shenanigans on screen as they got to fuck at the beach. As you know, this site aims to be one of the best place to go to when you want to see some truly amazing and juicy amateur people fucking at the beach all caught on spycam. Well we always have the best of the best for you as you know and this show right here is just another amazing one in a long line of past and future sex scenes to come. So let’s see this couple in action and check them out as they get naughty!


As their show starts off, the two engage in some foreplay and as they are already naked they have little issue with that. But it’s very clear that they are horny and ready to go and you just need to see it all go down without delay. After some cock sucking and pussy licking the two are ready to go hard and you can watch this beauty of a babe getting fucked missionary style by her man here today. Just take your time to see the whole thing unfold with them and we will be back again next week with another gallery for you to see. Of course, there will be even more public sex to watch with even more horny men and women going at it!

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Nude Beach Life

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a new and fresh Rafian update. You know that we always have the best of the best scenes to reveal to you and this was no different. The nudist beach was full as always of people letting it hang in the air and it seems like most were just relaxing. Apart from the two lovers that we have right here. They decided to make things a bit more interesting for everyone including them and they ended up partying nice and hard on the beach. So let’s just get this Rafian show going and watch some incredible and hot fucking sessions with the two of them having lots and lots of sex right then and there today!

Well they had some cold ones with them to help lose their inhibitions and what do you know, that worked like a charm. Just sit back and watch the action go through with this one and see the cutie showing off her body first and foremost, putting those amazing curves on display here today. Then the guy starts to tease her pussy and eat her put as well as she moans in pleasure and you can bet that this was only the beginning of it. Just take your time to explore and see them doing the nasty too in their show today and come back again soon. There will be more new scenes waiting for you again and they will be just as hot if not hotter than this one too!


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Rafian Threeway

Welcome to this new and hot Rafian scene as always and a brand new fuck session too. There’s some awesome and kinky stuff that can be seen going down in today’s scene and you just have to check it all out without delay. This fine week we get to see a blonde getting to be the center of attention between two guys as she takes her time to make them fuck her all afternoon long and naturally you can see it all go down without delay. The threesome that we have for you is one Rafian show that you most definitely need not skip if you want to see some gorgeous and sexy scenes and this blonde taking care of some nice and big cocks all afternoon long!


Well as this one takes off, you can see the babe and the guys already nude. She was busy stroking their dicks with those masterful hands and making sure that she had them nice and hard. But on top of those hands, you can also see her use her juicy lips and expert tongue as well. Before they even knew it they were rock hard and ready and you can see them taking turns to fuck her and towards the end fucking her ass and pussy at the same time as this blonde babe is quite the kinky little thing. We bet that you will adore the action that you get to see this afternoon with them and we’ll be seeing you once more next week with more new content!

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Missionary and Cowgirl Style

Well as you know, we’re always got some of the best and hottest fuck fests here at Rafian and every single week you get to see some hot and horny women having fun with the whole thing as they make their men plow them on the public beaches. Anyway, this one blonde lady here in particular, was pretty horny and eager to fuck as well and you can bet that she was going to get all the dick that she wanted this nice afternoon from that lucky guy she was with. Let the cameras roll and let’s just get to watch the two of them in this Rafian scene shall we? Like the title says, you get to see this wonderful woman get a whole lot of fucking done in kinky positions!

Just like all the rest around here, you can see the two settle in and put those sheets down to protect from the hot sand. Then it’s time for the fun and games to start and them to get kinky and naturally you can see the babe take off the swimsuit she was wearing to show off a pretty amazing and sexy body to you all too. The guy has little issue getting hard with his hot wife buck naked and inviting him for a fuck of course as well. Anyway, just watch her spread her legs for some nice missionary and after that you can see her taking it from behind doggie style too. Enjoy the show and see you guys and gals soon with more!


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Rafian – The Edge

Another fresh week and time for another Rafian scene to be brought to you all today. This week’s update will truly blow you away and that’s because we have another eager MILF as the one in action today. Her and her husband decided to also have fun at a private part of the beach and as you can see, they were aiming to go for a quickie and be done with it. Well since no one was around it just ended up turning into a proper fuck with foreplay and all that. So let’s just get this started as we bet that you guys and gals want to see the action. And all of this incredibly juicy sex starts with the babe getting her pussy eaten out by the guy!


Well you’d figure that’s the reason she’s with him in the first place. You see, she always gets off with him and he never fails to make her cum so this was just a regular thing for her. And the whole outdoors and in public thing just made it that more kinky and turned her on. Either way you can rest assured that you have what to see this week and we can guarantee that this is up there with the best. Check her out spreading those long legs and then see her moan in pleasure as she gets to have her pussy eaten out. We’re fairly certain that you will enjoy it and you can bet that there will be more coming next week your way too!

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Deserted Beach

Welcome to this week’s superb and fresh little Rafian scene and more of hot and horny couples having a go at it at the beach side. This time we have a babe that was eager to have some cock and her boyfriend that was more than happy to let her have all the man meat that she desired for the afternoon. So yeah, that means that you can see the two of course, taking their time to hide behind some rocks to have some privacy and once there, you can see the magic happen. Let’s get this Rafian scene on the road already and see this beauty of a babe taking her time to show off some of her oral skills as she sucks some cock today shall we?

So yeah the rocks they got to hide behind offered plenty of cover from the sides, but not from above. The thing is that there was a very clear view of what the two were doing and they didn’t seem to mind it all that much themselves. So yeah, just sit back and relax and you can watch the cutie whip out that cock out of the dude’s pants and then you can see her sucking and slurping on it with a passion. They got to do some more stuff, but we’ll let you ladies and gents explore that for yourselves today. We’ll return soon once more and there will be more all new and all fresh scenes with amateurs fucking at the beach for you to check out!


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Rafian – Nude Beach

Allow us to welcome you all to today’s Rafian update and some more juicy and hot scenes. You know that you always get to see some wild nudists getting to have fun with one another and show off what they like to do and this one is a bit different. These two don’t exactly get to have sex per say, but you do get some glorious views of those naked bodies. Especially the mature babe’s one as she looks simply stunning to say the least. So yeah, with that in mind let’s get those Rafian cameras rolling and let’s watch this hot and sexy woman show off her naked body for you on camera. We can guarantee that she’s going to remain in your fantasies!


So yeah like we said, the two set up their covers and then they are all ready to get to have their fun. Which in this case is sunbathing in the nude. And while the guy looks moderately okay, we have to turn the attention to the lovely missus there that seemed all to eager to drop her clothes off. Watch that amazingly hot and sexy woman put everything she has on display and just enjoy the overall view of her sexy curvy body. We’ll be sure to bring you some more like this soon enough. So for now just have your fun seeing her show off and we’ll meet you again next week with yet another new and fresh scene everyone!

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Beach Sex Play

Hey there everyone. You are back just in time to see this new Rafian update with some more public sex at the beach getting done without delay. You can see another lovely and hot babe getting a good dicking and moaning in pleasure as she has her man please her and this time it looks like this babe is one of the sexiest MILFs that you can check out too. She and the guy set up nicely and you can see that she was wearing a robe too. Trick is there’s nothing underneath and in the start of this Rafian scene you can pretty much see her take it off to fuck. Anyway, let’s get to watch her fuck missionary style today and see the whole action show!

So yeah like we said, it didn’t take long for the two to set up at their spot and start to have fun. So watch closely as the two begin their session with the babe untying the robe to show off her body first. And you can now see that this MILF is one beautiful and really sexy, curvy lady with perfect round tits. It’s no wonder that the guy can’t help himself from having some fun with her today in the first place since she looks so amazingly hot and sexy. Well watch her spread those legs and then see her moan as she gets plowed missionary like we said and enjoy the action. We’ll see you once again next week with another fresh and juicy gallery and more stuff!

Rafian – Kinky Couple

Hey there guys and welcome to a brand new and fresh Rafian scene with more of what you love to see, namely some more kinky couples at the beach having fun with one another and unknowingly showing off what they love to do when no one’s watching. This week we have a couple that decided to get kinky and show off their stuff as well and it’s just a treat to get to see them have some fun for you guys this afternoon. Get ready to check out a pretty sexy and sensual scene with a couple that knows how to do things right. We can pretty much tell you right now that their naughty sex session is one to not miss out on seeing. It’s just that good!


As the two get set in and start to have their little swim as well, they soon get to settle down and sunbathe. It seems that the bikini clad sexy babe is starting to get horny and that’s all the guy needs to know. He knows how to calm her down and make her feel good at the same time and you get to see him getting to that pretty fast. Watch closely and enjoy seeing this cutie spread her legs for him and then you can watch those panties slide to the side as the guy’s masterful fingers get to work. Watch the babe moan as she gets her pussy finger fucked at the beach and enjoy the view of these two getting kinky. We’ll be back again next week with more!

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